Your Fairy Godmother Couture Terms and Conditions

Shipping costs are a flat fee of $20 ($25 for west coast) which includes shipping to you and the return shipping back to Your Fairy Godmother Couture. Upon delivery you bear responsibility for the product(s). Please make sure you are shipping to a secure shipping address which is an address where an individual can physically receive the package. In the event that an unsecure or wrong address is provided, Your Fairy Godmother Couture does not bear liability for products left unattended. In addition, you acknowledge that providing anything other than a secure shipping address may result in delivery delays or additional delivery fees for which Your Fairy Godmother Couture is not responsible. Although rare, shipping delays have been known to occur due to extreme weather or an unforeseen event on the shipping carrier's behalf. If a shipping delay does occur that is the fault of the carrier, Your Fairy Godmother Couture will not be responsible for the refund of an order that arrives later than expected. Please give yourself one day of padding during the rental time frame of either 4 or 8 days to allow for this. When an order ships, tracking information is automatically sent to the email you provided when placing your rental order so that you may track the progress of the package.


You will agree to take great care of the products as if borrowed from a close friend. Minor wear and tear of the costumes/gowns is expected and can be easily fixed. You will be held liable, however, for the loss of a costume/gown, destruction or damage to a costume/gown due to theft, mysterious disappearance, fire or major stains or damage due to a costume/gown. If the costume/gown incurs damage that would make it impossible to mend and send out to the next client, you will be responsible for the replacement of that garment at the current retail cost.


Since, by reserving a time frame for a costume/gown, we may have to turn away other potential clients who may be interested in the same time frame and costume, we don't allow cancellations or refunds. Exceptions will be made for those experiencing events beyond their control such as weather-related issues (hurricanes affecting Florida travel, etc). If an event is cancelled due to weather (ie photoshoot), please contact us immediately to see if we can come up with an alternative arrangement or date at no additional charge to you. We are not obligated to reschedule or refund for any reason once you take possession of the costume/dress but we always try to accommodate a client when possible.


You agree to return the products in the original packaging on or before the agreed upon return date. A prepaid return shipping label will be included with your order and this will be the label used to return the package back to Your Fairy Godmother Couture. If you lose or misplace the return shipping label, you'll be responsible for the cost to return the package back to Your Fairy Godmother Couture. Please return the package back to Your Fairy Godmother Couture via UPS. You will be responsible for taking the package to a UPS Store. Please do not use UPS access points as these are not reliable and some may not pick the packages up in a timely manner. Always get a receipt when scanning in the package at UPS as your proof of drop off.  Please note that if your return date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you may wait until Monday morning to return the package as most carriers have limited weekend service.


Please adhere to the agreed upon rental timeframes as returning even a day later than agreed upon can adversely affect the next client's reservation. In the event that your order will be shipped back late, please contact immediately to let us know. In some instances, an extension may be granted (if there is no immediate rental following yours). A $50 late fee (per day) will be incurred for each day that the costume is kept over the rental agreement unless you've made contact with Your Fairy Godmother Couture and a mutually beneficial agreement has been reached.