Traveling Dresses

Are you a photographer? Do you want to shoot the latest and greatest? The traveling dress program is the way to do that. Let me explain what this program entails: Once a brand-new design is introduced at Your Fairy Godmother, many times it will be posted as a “traveling dress” in the photographer exclusive group, Your Fairy Godmother LOVES Photographers, on Facebook first. Since this dress will be traveling the country, from photographer to photographer, sprinkling a little magic wherever she goes, the rental rate will be discounted off the normal rate. Please note that only professional photographers are invited to take part in this program and you MUST be a member of the photographer group on FB to take part.


Here is how it all works:


  • Choose a dress you love best!
  • That dress will ship on a Monday and arrive to you on Thursday or Friday of that week.
  • Plan your photo shoots for Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday. **You should never plan your shoots for Thursday or Friday mornings as I cannot guarantee exactly when the dress will arrive to you. UPS delivery times differ from city to city so to ensure you don’t have to reschedule your shoots, it’s safest to plan them for the Saturday and Sunday you have the dress. If your dress is delayed for some unforeseen reason and arrives on Saturday, you are entitled to a rental extension (if possible) or a reschedule of that dress on a different date.
  • Steam the dress and pack it back up in the box it arrived in to prepare for return on Monday morning.
  • Receive a UPS shipping label from Your Fairy Godmother via email or FB messenger. Print it out and affix it to the front of the package.
  • Return the package to a UPS Store before the pickup on that day. Get a receipt as proof of drop off when the package is scanned in the UPS Store.


 What to know about renting a traveling dress:

  • The dresses should never be worn when a client is eating or drinking
  • The dresses should not be worn ON animals. It’s ok to pose with an animal as long as the fabric doesn’t touch the dress.
  • The dresses should never be worn in water – this could discolor or stain delicate fabrics. If you are shooting at a beach, the dress should never be dragged through the sand.
  • The hem should never drag the ground while your client is wearing the dress. Please ensure that they pick up the entire dress and hold above ankles before walking.
  • If the client is posing on the ground or sitting on something, please place a blanket underneath the gown to prevent snags or tears.


Terms and Conditions for traveling dresses:

By completing a transaction for a traveling dress, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  • You are a member of the Your Fairy Godmother LOVES Photographers private FB group and you are a professional photographer.
  • If the dress is lost/stolen/ or damaged due to negligence on you or your client’s part, you will be 100% responsible for the retail value of the dress. This includes the package being stolen off your porch and you providing the wrong shipping address. The dress is your responsibility once the tracking number shows that it was delivered. If you ship a dress on and fail to get a receipt and it gets lost in transit, you are responsible for replacing that dress. Your receipt is proof of drop off for you and protects you in this situation.


I highly encourage you to share your images from your traveling dresses sessions on the Your Fairy Godmother LOVES Photographers page. We have an amazing and supportive group of photographers in there and would love to see the magic you made with the gown. Happy shooting!