Camp Couture Experience

The Camp Couture experience is an over-the-top photography
shootout that brings 2 of the leading children's couture brands (Your Fairy
Godmother Couture and Little Dreamers Tutus) together in one location. The experience
consists of multiple unique and styled shoots with never before seen looks from
each brand.

Camp Couture is for photographers of any skill level who
wish to shoot fully styled models at interesting venues. Photographers may use
the photos taken at Camp Couture in any capacity they wish - on their personal
or business social media and they may be entered into photo contests as well.
We are not photographers so we have no stipulations on how the images may be
used. We only ask that you share the images with us after the shoots by tagging
the appropriate designer and use the hashtag #campcouture(city of the shoot)
when posting to social media.

Camp Couture fosters a community of kindness and
collaboration. Everyone at Camp Couture is equal no matter the amount of time
you've been in business.


What Camp Couture is NOT:

->Camp Couture is not "cliquey". Even if you
arrive to a Camp Couture not knowing anyone else, it is our hope that you leave
with a group of new friends. We want everyone to feel welcomed and want
attendees who are eager and willing to meet new people and make new friends.

->Camp Couture is not for someone who has a perpetually
bad attitude. We want attendees who are excited about what we are offering and
those who can see the bright side of every situation. We are not perfect and
situations may arise at times that are not ideal - bad weather, uncooperative
models, etc - it is our hope that our attendees understand that sometimes
things may happen that are beyond our control and that they maintain a helpful
and positive attitude throughout the weekend.

What will you gain from Camp Couture?

It is our hope that you walk away from the weekend with us with a sense of community and new friendships. We hope you leave with some new
knowledge and inspiration for styling your own shoots. We hope you leave with some amazing images that will draw your clients in and demand their attention which will, in turn, lead to an increase in bookings and the opportunity to grow your business.

We hope to see you at the next Camp Couture!

Camp Couture 2022 events: Salt Lake City, San Diego

Camp Couture 2023 events: Nashville, Salem MA

  • “Renting dresses from Your Fairy Godmother has brought a whole new level of class, creativity, and "wow" factor to my work. Renting is a way better solution than buying because you never get bored of the same dress, and you can constantly achieve different results with a minimal investment. The renting process is very easy, and Lori always has great communication and customer service. I recommend her business to all photographers who want to create something amazing for themselves and their clients.”

    -Bonnie (Genesis Photography)

  • “It all started with a simple search for "fancy dress for rent" for my daughter. In 2020 I was trying to survive the crazy covid world and keep my photography business afloat. Everyone suddenly had a camera and were suddenly photographers. I needed to up my game and find something amazingly new for my clients. Enter search results of Your Fairy Godmother Couture. I rented my first trial dress for my daughter and it was off to the races after that. Since that fateful day, I have been a loyal, happy ecstatic customer of Your Fairy Godmother Couture. I know I can count on Your Fairy Godmother to offer me amazing gowns that are like no other. You will not be disappointed with the customer service as well as the amazing gowns she has to offer.”

    Cecee – Payton’s Photography

  • “I started renting Lori's dresses last year. I've added so much value to my sessions by having the option to rent dresses from Your Fairy Godmother. The rental process is so straight forward, they have so many designs I can choose depending on the session theme. I even got published in a few magazines when I used YFG dresses. Thank you for giving me the flexibility to have an extensive rental wardrobe for my clients!”



    Taken by Raven Photography