Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I rent?

Renting makes luxury accessible for everyone! With the
retail costs of the costumes and gowns carried at Your Fairy Godmother in the
hundreds and thousands of dollars, renting is an economical option for a
special occasion look that will only be worn once. Renting is also a
sustainable and eco-friendlier option than “fast fashion” and purchasing a

What designers do you carry?

Your Fairy Godmother Couture strives to carry the most
amazing and unique couture or hand-crafted designs on the market today. New and
interesting designs are added monthly to keep the inventory fresh and exciting.
Your Fairy Godmother Couture has an exclusive rental agreement with US based
children's designer Alora Safari and you will find her designs for rent only at
Your Fairy Godmother Couture.

Can I purchase a costume or gown?

Your Fairy Godmother Couture is exclusively a luxury rental
boutique. A rental option allows you the opportunity to experience some of the
highest quality, luxe costumes and gowns on the market today by borrowing the
garment for a short period of time. Your Fairy Godmother Couture does not
currently sell any of the gowns or costumes listed, but stay tuned for more
information on how to purchase in the future.

 What if I need a rental for longer than 8 days?

While we don’t offer anything less than a 4 day rental, we
certainly are able to customize a rental time frame if you need something for a
longer period of time than our standard 4 or 8 days. Just shoot us a message at
to get something set up for you.

I need a dress tomorrow! How quickly can you ship?

Most people who rent from Your Fairy Godmother Couture place
their orders months in advance to ensure availability during their time frame.
I'd be happy to accommodate a rush order if the item requested is available.
24-48 hours’ notice will need to be given for a last-minute order. Email at  if you need something shipped quickly and I
will try to accommodate if I can. Please note that nothing gets shipped on
Saturdays or Sundays.

It's my first time renting! What do I need to know?

First of all, yay! Prepare to be amazed when you open up
that box at the details and quality of the gown or costume. The main thing to
remember is that you are borrowing this dress so please treat the garment the
same way you’d treat a garment you’ve borrowed from a friend. When walking in a
long gown, be sure to pick the dress up at the sides to ensure that the hem
doesn’t drag the ground. Please do not sit on rocks or hard objects (bricks,
etc) that may snag or pull delicate fabrics. No eating/drinking in the gowns.
No sitting on animals while wearing the gowns (unless you’ve received
permission from Your Fairy Godmother beforehand) and absolutely no water should
touch the gowns ever – so no ocean/river/lake photos where the gown will be
submerged in water. Most of the gowns were not made to walk long distances in
so be aware of that for photo shoots. That may require changing into the gown
at the photo site.

I need a costume for a Disney trip, please help!

We love to see our little princesses and villains dressed up
in our costumes while at the most magical/happiest place on Earth. There are
some guidelines to follow when renting a costume, however. If you are renting
solely for a photoshoot or character dining (meaning your child will only wear
for a short period of time), feel free to rent any of the costumes we have,
including the ballgowns that are full length. Please be sure that the child
does not walk in the gown without the gown being lifted on both sides to avoid delicate
materials dragging on the ground and being damaged. If you are looking for
something the child can wear for a longer period of time, I’d highly recommend
choosing a short dress option which will allow the child to walk freely.

Do I need to clean the costume or gown after wearing?

No! Please don't bother cleaning the costumes or gowns after
wearing as they are cleaned upon return to Your Fairy Godmother Couture.

Shipping FAQ

Your Fairy Godmother ships only within the lower 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii!). Shipping rates are a flat fee of $20 for everywhere except the West Coast which is $25. Shipping rates include a UPS shipping label to you and a return UPS label back to us. Everything ships from Memphis, TN.

Which shipping carrier do you use?

YFG uses UPS exclusively. Over the many years of shipping
gowns and costumes, UPS has proven itself to be the most reliable on delivery
time frames.

Traveling to Disney?

Have your costume shipped directly to your Disney resort
(Disney World or Disneyland) for pickup when you arrive. Your package will be
waiting when you check in - then the magic begins! After she wears the costume
and/or the agreed upon timeframe is through, just package it all back up in the
original box and take down to the front desk for return to Your Fairy Godmother
Couture. Ask them to tape up the package and affix the prepaid return shipping
label that will come with your order on the front. Ask them to put in their
outgoing UPS shipment. That's it! No traveling with the costumes and no
worrying about stuffing in your suitcase. Save the room for souvenirs! Please
know that when having your rental order shipped to a Disney resort, you'll
incur a $6 "package handling fee" that Disney charges all guests who
have packages mailed to them.

Renting for a photo shoot?

I'm so glad you've chosen one of the beautiful and unique
costumes or gowns from Your Fairy Godmother Couture for your photo shoot. It is
sure to add some extra magic that will take your photos to a whole other level!
I highly suggest when renting for a shoot to schedule your rental to arrive 1
or 2 days before the shoot takes place. This gives a little leeway in case the
shipment may encounter any unforeseen shipping delays. For example, if you have
a Friday, Saturday or Sunday shoot, schedule your item to arrive the Wednesday
or Thursday before the shoot takes place. Since UPS doesn't ship during the
weekend, you'll return the package on the following Monday morning.