• TWEEN DREAMS 2023 Package

TWEEN DREAMS 2023 Package

*The cost is a flat fee of $550
*You get 4 dress rentals from me. You can opt to use the dresses designated specifically for this program, but you DO NOT HAVE TO! You can choose any 4 dresses I carry (with the exception of any traveling dresses as the time frames won't match up there).
*The dresses designated for this program are the 'tween' sizes - 8/10, 10/12, 12/14 and 14/16. But again, if you book all size 12 girls (for example), you can certainly forgo these dresses and choose some other size 12 dresses I offer to accommodate your shoot needs. So bottom line, we will work together to best suit your clients.
*With this program you will get 5 of your client's pictures featured in a special "Tween Dream" section in Child Couture Magazine. This is guaranteed. Child Couture also likes for you to provide a very brief bio about the girl as well. I will get with you after you purchase the program with the shooting requirements from Child Couture. They also are coming out with a special "Tween" edition of Child Couture magazine at the end of the year (2022 is in the works now) where your girl may be featured again. Since this is a special edition, I cannot guarantee a placement in this issue, but many will be featured again.
*It is ok for different girls to wear the same dress if desired for their shoots! Since you are only getting 4 dresses and 5 features, either one girl will have to wear something someone else has or you can opt to rent an additional dress(es) at a 25% off discount for the same time as your Tween Dream shoot time frame.
*Please note that ALL Tween Dream participants MUST be wearing a Your Fairy Godmother rental in their photos. Since this is a collaboration between YFG and Child Couture, you cannot photograph a girl in another designer's gown for this shoot.
*Since this is a collaboration between YFG and Child Couture Magazine, the VIP (Very Important Photographer) Program does not apply to this package. This will have to be purchased separately for anyone interested.
*There are absolutely no cancellations/reschedules or refunds for this program. If you change your mind or no one books, I'm happy to allow you to try to sell your package in the photographer group but I can't offer any refunds or credits to you.
*If you end up booking less than 5 girls and don't have that many to feature, it is fine. Child Couture will still feature the girls you have photographed, regardless of the number.
*Only 2 photographers/dates per month will be allowed. You will have the dresses a FULL WEEK (Wednesday to Wednesday).

Also - I am 99% sure these are the exclusive dresses I'll have for this program but please note that it is subject to change if need be. If it changes, I'll make everyone aware, and it will be something fabulous in its place. The two dresses absolutely set in stone are the 1st and 4th ones.